Our mission is comprised of two simple ideas:

1. Providing the highest quality jewelry at the most competitive prices available

Our designers, manufacturers and master diamond cutters are simply the best in the industry.

2. Unparalleled customer service

Just like getting married, finding or designing the perfect ring can be the experience of a lifetime. Our highly experienced moissanite and diamond ring experts will help your ring buying experience easy and pleasant.
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Our Values

At Moissanite Bridal we believe that luxury goods don't need to come at a high cost. We believe that beautiful jewelry doesn't have to come at the cost of humanity or the environment.


We understand the intimidation that sometimes accompanies the pursuit of finding the right engagement ring. Our hope is to provide you with honest insight into how to make the right choice. We believe that the more we share, the more informed choices our customers can make.


With all of the overhead that most brick and morter stores have (employes, lights, rent, insurance...ect.), the mark up on an average diamond ring is around 300%. Because we operate under a different business model, we are able to offer our fine moissanite and diamond jewelry for considerably less.