Moissanite vs. CZ

Why Moissanite is Superior to Cubic Zirconia

At first glance, moissanite resembles diamond and might be mistaken for diamond, a synthetic diamond or diamond substitute. In fact, moissanite isn't a diamond look-alike or a 'me-too' simulant like cubic zirconia. Moissanite is an entirely unique jewel with highly desirable qualities. And when compared with cubic zirconia or CZ (perhaps the world's most popular diamond simulant), the differences are obvious, and moissanite's uniqueness becomes even more desirable. CZ is an inexpensive simulated diamond look-alike and is inferior in almost every gemological property to moissanite. CZ is mass produced under a myriad of trade names and promoted with various brand names (see chart on following page). Compared to moissanite, CZ has a lower Mohs hardness. It scratches and abrades easily, which causes many consumers to say that CZ loses its surface luster after just a few years. Although CZ claims to scratch glass, many gemstones and jewels are ranked above glass in hardness and can easily scratch glass. Truly, there is no comparison between moissanite and CZ. Moissanite continually stands out as superior.