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Hello from Iraq!

Oh my god did the package cause a stir. I was full on stress trying to get hold of it. It is impossible for me to go in to the red zone (Palsestine hotel) without a 10 thousand dollar security team so everything had to be organized with the help of a local to collect. DHL did agree to send their courier to go but alas their were curfews and traffic jams so he could not get through.
I then paid a local translator 100 dollars to sort it out and even walk to the the hotel if need be. Well bless his cotton socks, he did manage to get the ring and deliver it to me last night. PHEW !!!!.

To get something that has gone to the red zone is all but impossible as it usually gets stolen so I am more than double releived.

So any way, last night was our last night together for a few months and the engagment went ahead and she absolutley loves the ring! She is very socially aware and does not like diamonds and the diamond trade so when I exlpained the origins of the moissanite she was over the moon and loves the ring even more.

Thank you for your assistance and I am sure you have been waiting on tenderhooks for the outcome and the finally.

Thanks and regards and I hope one day to repay all the effort you put in.

Baghdad, Iraq