Customer Testimonials

At we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. With unparalleled customer service and impeccable product, we are second to none. Please enjoy the many of the letters of satisfaction that we have have received from our happy customers. We would love to hear from you too, so please send us your feedback.

What a wonderful 25th anniversary gift!

The ring came this morning and is absolutely gorgeous!! Once I propose I will send you an update and letter that you all can use as testimonial whenever you want. That was an incredible process and I couldn't have done it without you, Gloria, and the other members of your team. - Jimmy K.

What a wonderful 25th anniversary gift!

Just wanted to say Thank you for all of your efforts in getting my FB radiant cut as soon as you could! :) My "dream ring" is absolutely stunning, the sparkle goes on forever!!! What a wonderful 25th anniversary gift! - Amy de J.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, it is beautiful!

I just wanted to let you know that I just received my ring! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, it is beautiful! The craftsmanship is wonderful, all of the details are all there and everything is exactly what I hoped for! I just cannot thank you enough Marlys! You are right, we have been through a lot together and I cannot thank you enough. I can be quite particular about things and thank you so much for your  patience, timely e-mails, answers to so many of my questions. Even with my frenzy of e-mails you have always remained very professional and extremely easy to talk to and work with. :) I am very fortunate that I was able to work with you on designing something so significant and special, thank you! As I have mentioned before, you really are amazing and your team of experts and craftsmen are outstanding as well. I guess all I do now is wait for the Enhancement Cert. via mail and Certificate of Appraisal and Insurance documentation. But in the meantime, I am just in awe of this ring and I am on Cloud 9. My finance is impressed too! Thank you so much for helping me out with that uneasy situation! We will have a great Christmas and we are just really happy!! :)
Thank you again and Happy Holidays to you and your family!! - Jamesetta A.

100% Wonderful

I just received my 3 stone moissanite ring and it is stunning! I took it to my jeweler to have it sized and even he remarked on how beautiful the ring is and how well made the setting is. He remarked that he has seen so many "on-line" rings for sizing that are very cheap and he won't touch them. My experience with has been 100% wonderful, from help with sizing and selection to receiving a beautiful product. You have another repeat customer! Thank you! - Lorrie B.

I can't stop staring at it!

Dear Marlys - First, I want to thank you for helping me design my perfect ring! My ring is absolutely gorgeous, I can't stop staring at it! Without out your help and advice I would not have been able to have such a masterpiece. The craftsmanship of my ring is unbelievable and it speaks quality. My husband is very happy with my ring, it is more beautiful than he expected. I will proudly wear my ring for many years for all to see. I am so happy, I am smiling from ear to ear. Thank you again, and Happy Holidays to you and your family!! - Jesusa R.

Absolutely Gorgeous

Sharon - Got the ring in time and it is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for all your help, I'm incredibly indebted. I'm definitely recommend your web site.

Keep up the good work, you can make countless other couples immensely happy. - Basrab A.

I received the stones today

Wanted to let you know that I received the stones today and they are absolutely beautiful; I haven't shown my wife because I want her to be surprised when she sees it set but I can assure you that she will be blown away! Thank you again for all your help. - Rafael S.

Amazed at how incredible the moissanite looked!!

It's been a week today since I've received my ring. And I am happy to report that I LOVE IT!! I went from a silver band to this 1 1/2 carat ring- and to say the least- I was overwhelmed at first! My daughter was home this weekend. My husband and I asked to see her wedding set. Upon inspection- you could not tell the difference between my set and her set! The color/cut/clarity was exactly the same! My husband and I were amazed at how incredible the moissanite looked!! I am happy to report that I am proudly wearing my ring. No compliments yet (except from my daughter) but lots of "big eyes" from people when they see my ring! I also went to Zales website to see what a diamond the same size as mine would cost. Just for the engagement ring solitaire only with the same size and clarity was $20,000.00!!!! Thank you so much for everything!! - Jacky M.

Simple, elegant, exactly what I was looking for!

Marlys and Sharon - I had a very good experience with your services. I always got the answer to my question/concern right away. You have been extremly helpful in finding the right design for me. The custom design was simple and elegant, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again, Mehdi J.

I love it, I love it!

I just wanted to let you know that I've had my ring for a few months and I absolutely love it.  I am so glad I decided to keep the 2 carat exquisite cut.  I love it, I love it!  I wish you and your family a very Happy Xmas. Thank you again Gloria, and Happy Holidays to you and your family!! - Elisa S.

Touched by your kindness…

Hi Marlys - I just called you to inquire about when my ring would be shipped, and I raised the concern that I will be going out of town at the end of the month. I told you that I was worried that my ring might not be delivered on time before I depart for my trip. Marlys, you were so helpful, and went out of your way to put my mind at ease. You even offered to overnight the ring to me at no extra charge! I am completely touched by your kindness and I cannot thank you enough for handling my purchase with such great care! I usually don't purchase many things online, and purchasing my ring online was a brave move for me! You have been so willing to answer my questions, and check on the status of my order, and even put a rush on my delivery that I know I will definitely be a repeat customer!! I am so impressed, and truly grateful!! Thank you!
Best wishes, Kerry and Barry P.

Good Afternoon Mrs. Goodyear,

If the quality of your products are reflected by your amazing service my soon to be fiancé will be extremely happy!! Thank you so much for responding so quickly. My concern was based mainly on the different addresses I used between billing and mailing however, you went above and beyond my expectations in regards to service! Again thank you for setting my mind at ease and I am looking forward to continuing business with your company in the future. - Jason M.


I received my ring yesterday and I love it!! with a capital L!!.Thank you very much. - Evi H.


How can I express my gratitude for all your help. My ring arrived Friday and it is stunning. You were patient and kind with me in my most hysterical of moments. I'm getting compliments every where I go. Thank you for everything. I will be contacting you soon for a pair of studs and a pendant. You are a blessing...thank you. - Christia A.


I have always wanted a bigger diamond on my wedding ring. I always told myself that I would upgrade to a 1.00ct or 1.25ct diamond when I saved up enough. That would be a while since I wanted the highest grade possible. Well that time finally came after 22 years of marriage and as I began my search for my new diamond ring upgrade, I realized that I could not possibly put a $15,000 to $30,000 diamond on my ring and live with the constant fear of losing it. I could not see myself with such an expensive stone cleaning house, mowing the lawn, gardening and doing everyday life. I could not forgive myself if I ever lost it. I couldn't bear the thought of someday having to have to face my husband and letting him know that the diamond we so hard worked for was gone. Not only that but I couldn't see myself spending so much on a stone when I had a family that I could do so much more for with that money. So with this I began to look for an alternative. I read a book called The Heartless Stone: A Journey Through the World of Diamonds, Deceit, and Desire, after reading it I was absolutely convinced of finding something that looked just like a diamond but not so expensive. I was not going to be a contributor to the De Beers cartel. I looked at man-made diamonds which were real diamonds created in labs but I found them to be more expensive than I wanted to pay. I looked at cubic zirconia stones that were top quality, but was not convinced. I ran into an article on the web describing moissanites. I did extensive research on this new stone I came across, found a comparison chart at that helped me decide that moissanite was the way to go. As you can see from the chart above it is Mohs Hardness is closest to a diamond and its luster is higher. I contacted the site and started to look to see what I was interested in. I called them up and they were very helpful. They recommended I also go to their new site which is where I found a ring I fell in love with. I worked with Sharon and she helped me pick out the setting I loved. I decided to upgrade my moissanite stone to their Exquisite Cut which had 89 facets compared to the original cut that only had 57 cuts. When my ring arrived I completely fell in love with it. And by the way I went with a 2 carat. I have been wearing it for a couple months and have gotten lots of complements. Of course people ask if it's real. I tell them of course it is, just look at it. They examine it and agree. I'm sure the question stems from the size of the stone and not anything else. Now I feel great about wearing my ring and knowing I didn't pay $30k or more. I would recommend moissanite to anyone wanting a high quality looking diamond but do not want to have the worry about losing it or paying too much for the stone. Thanks again MoissaniteBridal and Sharon for making my ring dream come true. I LOVE IT! - Eli P.

Good afternoon Marlys,

If the quality of your products are reflected by your amazing service my soon to be fiancé will be extremely happy!! Thank you so much for responding so quickly. My concern was based mainly on the different addresses I used between billing and mailing however, you went above and beyond my expectations in regards to service! Again thank you for setting my mind at ease and I am looking forward to continuing business with your company in the future. - Jason C.


I just got the ring that you designed for Allen and me. He said that he has had it since October. He finally gave it to me after a 5 mile hike up the smokey mountains. It is so GORGEOUS. The perfect ring! You did such an amazing job and I couldn't ask for it to look any more perfect. Thank you for the beautiful stone selection. It is stunning. And the design is so unique. I feel so special with it on... - D.S.


I cannot tell you how PLEASED I am with the moissanite Radiant Cut Center stone for my engagement ring. It is stunning. It far exceeded my expectations. I was nervous about the moissanite Stone not matching the diamonds in my ring; however, I must say when I saw the finish product my fears quickly faded. The moissanite Stone is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. It most definitely has more Fire and Brilliance. I must thank you Sharon and Marlys for putting my concerns at ease as I had never ordered online, send a semi-mount through the mail, and purchased a moissanite stone without physically seeing anything. It was a Leap of Faith for me, but I'm glad I launched out into the deep because both my fiancé and I are VERY PLEASED! He constantly ask me, "Let me see your hand, let me see your ring again". His response is always, "WOW"! Now that a gorgeous ring". I must admit it is a sight to behold. - Donna P.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the beautiful ring. Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service. Like I said before during my very difficult times I had to sell over 20 thousand in jewelry to keep a roof over my kids head. I spent years looking at your web site and viewing one ring that I really wanted. And one night I said a prayer and asked God if I could have that ring one day in my life. And the very next day my husband strached a lottery ticket and got enough money from that ticket to bye my ring and then some. I thank God for allowing me the chance to get something I have dreamed to have. And that he gave me a chance to meet you and buy my ring through you. The ring is more then I could ever have asked for. And so much more beatiful then I ever dreamed of. I look at my hand everyday and can't believe that I have it on my hand. Marlys I know that I am just one person in the world. But I lost my home, my dogs, my car, and job. I did find a place to live, and did get a job, and I did get a car, and all by the grace of God. I know you may be asking why tell you all this. Because you had a hand in a very hurting persons life. And you played a big piece in my life. I never thought that I would have this ring on my finger. I want to thank you for making buying experience so great.

Thank you for making sure that my ring was more then I could ask for. - Y.M.

Guess what santa brought me?

Looks like I will drinking martinis all night and holding the glass with my left hand ;) Xoxoxo - C.C.

Thank you SO much!

Thank you SO much moissanite Bridal! You have been an amazing pleasure to work with. - C.J.

Good morning ladies:

I want to first thank both of you for answering my many questions on ring designs and the best metal for my customized ring. It makes my heart Glad that even though I have not yet spent one penny at moissanite Bridal Company you have been more than accommodating to my many concerns. Warm regards, Demetris C.

Oh my goodness!

Thank you moissanite Bridal, it is BEAUTIFUL. I will recommend your services to everyone. You have been a joy and pleasure to work with. Talk to you soon. Best, Bryan B.

It's unbelievable:

Just wanted to let you know we received the rings back today, and I can't tell you how happy we both are about how they turned out. The sparkle this thing emits compared to the Diamond Nexus stone is unbelievable! Even up next to my friend's 'conflict free' diamond there's no contest. Thank you so much for being so patient with us, it was certainly a process. :) We will most definitely be returning for future purchases. Kate and Sean L.

I love my ring

I just wanted to let you know I received and absolutely Love my ring.  It's so beautiful!  Thank you for working on it for me and making my experience so pleasant.  I will refer my friends and family to you and look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you! Gwen P.

Love it

I got the ring and I LOVE it!!!  It is beautiful.  Thank you so much for patiently working with me and making this a pleasurable purchase. Thank you again and I will definitely purchase more jewelry from you! Regards, Rachel N.

So Beautiful I just received my ring and it's so beautiful! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. - Karlowa D. - U.S.M.C.

Absolutely perfect!!!!

A quick note before I go to work. I received the earrings yesterday and they are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! I love them. The size is perfect and I LOVE SPARKLE so these really fit the bill. I thank you both soooooo much for working with me and when I receive compliments on them I will tell anyone interested where to call. THANKS again and also for the trade-up program which helped me so much. - Mary F.

She said YES!!!!

Thank you Moissanite Bridal! The ring got here yesterday and she already said yes! She loves the ring. - Joe W.

It's gorgeous

We got the wedding band and it is gorgeous. Thank you so much for helping us with it.- Paul B.

I trust your judgement

I trust your judgement if you think the stones look more white in white gold. Your customer service FAR surpasses. Thank you for all your help! - Risa C.

I'm so excited!

I am so excited!!! I'm really glad that I got to see what a moissanite looks like... they are beautiful stones! Thanks again for all your help! Even though our transactions have only been via internet, your team has been beyond helpful, patient, and so polite! I will definitely recommend your website to my friends! - Katrena B.

The deed is done

The deed is done, accepted and proposed. Thank you for your wonderful customer service. Warmth, Jon G.

Still loving it

I'm still loving and admiring it! I've noticed others noticing and it's so much fun! The Palladium is beautiful. It's more beautiful than white gold. Of course the stone is PERFECT! Thank you Marlys! - Teri L.

Love my new ring

I really, really love my new ring! Thank you so much. - Patricia H.

Okay... Can you say BEAUTIFUL!?

WOW! Did I tll you the ring is Beautiful?! Whoa! My oh my. Thank you! - Angie H.

You are awesome!

The earrings are beautiful. You guys are awesome! - Dean C.


I got your voicemail when I was on my way to the bnk to put my ring away inthe vault. While driving, all I could think was "WOW, look at all the spectum of rainbow!" Truly a magnificent piece. I even got compliments from the customer services agent and security guard at the bank! Thanks for making my day! - Lily P.

Thank you for being so helpful!

Great customer service. I don't think I could have bought something like this on-line without you're knowledge and patience! Very happy customer! - Dean C.

It's exactly what I've always wanted

I received the ring yesterday. It is beautiful - exactly what I have always wanted. Thanks so much for working with me to get the ring I wanted. I am beyond happy with it. Regards, Olga T.

You make peoples dreams come true!

You did such an amazing job on my custom ring!!! I wish I could do what you do! You make peoples dreams come true! - Sheena J.

Your fantastic team

I am contacting you regarding your fantastic team. My future wife and I did a lot of research on moissanite jewelry on the internet and locally here in the Seattle area. Many places that sell it on the internet have no contact phone number; BIG RED FLAG for us and not many options for ring type and stone sizes. The local places also did not have many options either. So we printed off about 12 pictures of rings we likes from your site and went from there. I picked out the one we purchased from one of the 12 and was going to just order it online but I wanted some more information. I called your phone number and was blessed to have Marlys answer my call. She anwered all my questions and gave me her honest opinion on my purchase. Needless to say I am so thankful to have talked to Marlys because the ring I purchased is beyond beautiful and my fiancé was absolutely thrilled with it. She has had so many compliments on it. I love to see her wear it and the joy that it gives both of us. You have an amazing team; knowledgable of the product, you're patient with customers, and through on the follow up after the sale. We can't even to begin to give you a great enough recommendation. I would recommend your company's product and your customer service as the best that I have ever experienced. - Gary D.


Received the parcel today... both pendant & earrings are SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT, not only the stones itself but also the importance of the settings, it has captured lights from all different facet of the stone to shows its brilliances. All queries prior to purchase were replied promptly. Will definitely recommend to others to buy from your site, very safe & reliable not to mention unbeatable prices! WHY buy elsewhere when your parcel arrived at your door before you can even dream or think of it? SIMPLY BREATHLESS. A million thanks to your team of dedicated staff. - Erica G.


It is BEAUTIFUL! I naturally compared to my 2.5 round diamond solitaire and honestly... you can NOT tell them apart (except that the moissanite is a bit bigger)! What's even funny is that I just got back my own engagement from the jeweler after having its yearly maintenance of cleaning and making sure that the prongs are still nice and tight. The moissanite STILL out shine my cleaned engagement ring!!! How about them apples?! Maryls, you have been a great help and you really eased my mind ordering through online. I don't think I ever purchased anything of this much monetary value online! That was the part that was making me nervous. I was actually going to go to Marcy's and buy a CZ just so that I could put my engagement in the vault but after reading so many rave reviews and reading up how 20/20 challenged the jewelers with this stone really impressed me. I mean it can not be bad if 20/20 was impressed with the stone, right? Aside from that CZ's are like a dime a dozen. It's not unique as Moissanite. So now I can put away my own ring and know that I am replacing it with a unique ring and confidently knowing that no one will know the difference! You've been a dear angel and I very much appreciate your helpfulness and kindness. Thank you so much! - Melinda J.

Best buying experience I've ever had...

Today I called into your sales number and I had one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. I was trying to find out if I could order and receive an item before Christmas. Your sales associate (Marlys) was more than helpful in answering my question and really made me content that I ordered from your company. She was polite, upbeat, courteous, and generally nice during a time of year when everything else seems hectic. I do think she deserves the recognition and in the future, I will shop again at your site just because of this one experience. Thank you for your time. - Matt C. - U.S.A.F.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for everything Marlys, my wife loves her moissanite ring. You were so kind and helpful to us when we had so many questions about Moissanites. You helped make our decision so easy, and helped us feel so good about making an on-line purchase. We will definately be telling our friends about your company. - Jim and Mary T.

Thank you from England

The rings I ordered are amazing and I would like to thank you so much for making dealing with you a really pleasant experience. The little red bow just finished it off brilliantly. (Big grin) I don't know if I told you why I had to order new rings but I will pinch a few moments of your time to tell you (hope you don'tind) I play golf and always remove my jewelry and put it in my handbag in the boot of the car before I play. Unfortunately, the car was broken into and the handbag stolen. In it were 2 rings. The 5 stone platinum ring was 95 years old and the 7 stone daisy ring was 30 years old. They had never been off my fingers, except when playing golf, since I inherited them 24 years ago. My heart was broken as the insurance was not nearly enough to replace them and emotionally they could not be replaced. Then I saw your beautiful site on the net. I have never spent this amount of money on line before and I was so worried that everything would go wrong YET again. I need not have worried. You have been a joy to do business with. I can only commend your high standards, friendliness and they way you kept a nervous customer fully informed. I would happily recommend your firm to anyone. Thank you so much for everything! May I take this opportunity to wish you health, wealth and happiness in the upcoming year, you deserve it. - Norma B. - London, England

She LOVES the ring!

All I can say is thank you. We were a little unsure about purchasing jewelry on line, but after getting our ring... we were ecstatic. My wife loves her ring, and I personally want to thank you for such excellent customer service. We are telling all our friends about - Bill W.

Great customer service!

I got my moissanite today in the mail. I wasn't expecting it for another week, but the earrings came in almost overnight! I was so excited when I opened the package! My earrings are so beautiful, I wear them every day. Thank you for such great customer service. - Kimberely H.

No blood diamonds!

After seeing the movie "Blood Diamonds", we couldn't justify the wearing of diamonds. We love our moissanite, and feel so good about our choice. Thank you for your great customer service. - Jim and Patty B.

My ring is absolutely beautiful

My ring is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all of your help! - Stacy L.

Truly a blessing

I received the ring and I just have to say that you are absolutely wonderful for letting me know about it! It is more than perfect, I just can't believe how gorgeous it is! It is truly a blessing that you have found me the ring of my dreams and have managed to save us so much money at the same time. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts. - Beverely and Mac T.