About Us

Just like getting married, finding or designing the perfect ring can be the experience of a lifetime. With over 50 years of experience, our highly knowledgable moissanite and diamond ring experts will help your ring buying experience easy and pleasant.

Marlys Gloria David




Marlys - Design Director

Along with a passion and excitement for moissanite and diamond fine jewelry, Marlys brings over for 40 years of expertise in in high-end fine jewelry, and it definitely shows. She gives each and every customer impeccably thorough customer service, and always goes the extra mile to make your dream ring become a reality.

Gloria - Custom Jewelry Expert

Gloria comes to MoissaniteBridal.com with a passionate drive for customer satisfaction. She has brought an abundance of experience and has dedicated 110% of her efforts to ensure breath-taking finished designs are the end result of collaboration with her customers.

David - Design & Marketing

With a passion for the business of art and fine jewelry, David's brings years of experience working with premium brands and world class luxury product in a global arena.