The touch of our master gemstone cutters

Each Charles & Colvard® moissanite gemstone is cut according to strict standards, using exact angles and proportions designed especially for the moissanite gemstone. Master gemstone cutters carefully and precisely hand-facet each beautiful jewel to bring out the stunning brilliance of its coveted fire.
Every Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® jewel is precisely calibrated and hand-cut by a master technician to create maximum brilliance and spark the ultimate fire. While standard round brilliant continues to be the most popular cut for moissanite, fancy cuts are also available in limited quantities.

A moissanite shape for every mood

Below are some of the most popular cuts of moissanite. Although the round brilliant moissanite is the most popular cut, other favorites include square brilliant, trillion, oval, pear, princess, marquise, heart and cushion cuts. Below, we illustrate some of moissanite’s most fashionable cuts:


Round Brilliant-Cut Moissanite Gemstone

57-facet (2.5mm-15mm available)


Square-Cut Moissanite Gemstone

69-facet (2mm-12mm available)


Pear-Cut Moissanite Gemstone

71-facet (5x3mm-12x8mm available)


Cushion-Cut Moissanite Gemstone

81-facet (2mm-12mm available)


Marquise-Cut Moissanite Gemstone

57-facet (4x2mm-14x7mm available)


Radiant-Cut Moissanite Gemstone

53-facet (4x2mm-14x12mm available)


Oval-Cut Moissanite Gemstone

69-facet (4x2mm-14x10.5mm available)


Heart-Cut Moissanite Gemstone

56-facet (3mm-10mm available)

Learn more about the benefits and uniqueness of moissanite

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